V2.1.4 released featuring the PostgreSQL module

Although the minor version steps seems to indicate this release to be just minor, this isn't completely true. The DNS and LDAP modules didn't gain more features, but the Admin4 core now has a cryptographically secured online update function.

A lot more of enhancements have been added to the PostsgreSQL module, stepping its module version number from 0.3 to 0.5.0 and making it now an official announced module. It has a great query tool with a snippet feature that stores sql code fragments centrally on the server for frequent re-usage, and a data modification tool with filter presets (again: stored on the server). The database object browser lets you mark individual tables, views or functions as favourite, keeping the most important objects in one place. All these gimmicks (sql snippets, filter presets, object favourites) are designed to make every-day work easier, and are probably unique to Admin4.