V2.1.9 released

A trivial but nasty bug that prevented Admin4 versions prior to 2.1.9 under Windows from downloading the update file correctly is fixed in this version. It went unnoticed for quite a while because I'm not an active Windows user, and consequently some WIndows related bugs could persist for a while. In any case and on any platform, your feedback is appreciated if you encounter some unwanted behaviour!

To install, Windows users will have to download the full version from sourceforge, on Linux and Mac the online update should work for you.

The modules have received some minor enhancements:

  • LDAP has its samba user handling fixed
  • Bind accepts quotes when editing text; e.g. a TXT record now can contain "abc def". The former version would store "abc" "def" only.
  • PostgreSQL got some speed improvement in its Favourites handling with many empty schemas (e.g. tmp)