V2.2.0 including IMAP support released

The new Admin4 has a new module included: modImap.

If you're maintaining a Cyrus IMAP server, you probably aren't too excited about its cyradm command line tool to create and maintain mailboxes. The modImap module replaces most of its functionality, so you virtually never will have to go back to cyradm again. Creating/renaming/deleting and maintaining ACLs on mailboxes is covered, of course UTF-7 aware so you don't need to handle stranglely garbled mailbox names.

The module has been tested against several Cyrus servers. It should work against other IMAPV4 servers as well, please let me know about your experiences.

Some minor fixes are included as well, namely:

  • modLdap has a fix for group members
  • modPg has a fixed connect string sslmode handling

Since this version includes additional libraries, it cannot update using the built-in online update function; download and install freshly instead.