Yes, still on it!

I had some trouble with the site, after it had moved to a new system. I couldn't log in to make any changes, and I didn't have the time to fix this for a prolonged time since I was really busy. Now, I finally found the time to investigate this, and it turned out that drupal was missing the apache rewrite module. No helpful log messages around...

I'll be uploading some fixes soon, including PostgreSQL 9.6 support.

Actually, I might rewrite the database support altogether, since I'd really like it to be database independent. In my daily work, I'm focussing much more on maintaining data, so I'd like to have the data tool support mysql and mssql as well. There's still no support for changing database objects in Admin4. The reason is that I'm still looking for ideas how to implement that. I just don't like a zillion of specific dialogs that represent each object facility with a dedicated field. It's not only boring to implement (did this once, now the group of paid programmers did so for pgadmin4 again), but it's not flexible and fast enough in practice. I'm much faster typing "CREATE TABLE this ...." than clicking stuff together.

Stay tuned!