Registering a DNS server

When registering a DNS server, the following specific properties are available.

  • Port
    This is usually the standard DNS port 53
  • Statistics Port
    This port is used to request the XML BIND9 statistics. Usually 8053 is used here. If Statistics Port is left empty, Admin4 will not try to retrieve statistics from the BIND9 server and you'll have to register zones manually.
  • Key name, Key
    The key as configured in the server prerequisites should be entered here. The key is a 24 character sequence (for 128bit keys), ending with "==". Both are often in a file /etc/bind/rndc.key or similar, unless you generated a key yourself. if Key name is left empty, DDNS updates are performed without key and will probably fail unless IP-based access is allowed.
  • Timeout
    restricts the time Admin4 waits for a server answer. For zone transfers, this time is multiplied by 10 internally.
  • Auto connect
    lets Admin4 connect this server automatically when the application starts.