Editing DNS zones

Edit a record

Most types of DNS zone records can be edited. A/AAAA, CNAME, PTR and other records are displayed on the specific page of a zone. Use the context menu to add/modify/delete a record.

  • A/AAAA Record
    IPV4 and IPV6 addresses can be entered at the same time. Use a separate line for each IP address. If no separate IPV6 TTL is given, the IPV4 TTL is used. When the "Create PTR Record" checkbox is set, Admin4 will try to update the reverse zone as well.
  • CNAME Record
    Nothing special here
  • PTR Record
    Only the host part is edited here.
  • Other Record
    Most other record types are supported in a generic fashion.

Special operations on zones

Using the context menu on a zone object, you can

  • Increment the zone serial
    according to the usual scheme, which is YYYYMMDDxx. It this is not possible, it's just incremented by one.
  • Clean Dangling PTR
    (for reverse zones only) scans the reverse zone for hosts that don't exist any more and proposes the PTR records for deletion.