Admin4 runtime requirements

Admin4 requires several additional python packages, and has revealed some wxPython regressions so the versions should chosen carefully. For general usage, downloading prepackaged bundles for your system platform from the download area is recommended. Just install the package, and skip the following details.

If your platform isn't supported by packages yet, you'll have to download a source snapshot (or fetch the latest stuff from GitHub, if you want to fix something and contribute it, which is very welcome).

The software requirements and how to install them are described in the following platform specific Python installation paragraphs.

Platform specific notes


There have been reports that Admin4 doesn't start when clicking the icon. This isn't fully examined yet, but it's suspected to be caused by limited security settings. Please try this:

  • Right click the program icon, and select "Open" which should ask you if you want to run the program from an uncertified developer.
  • If this didn't work, right click the program icon, and select "Show package contents". Browse to Contents/MacOS and start Admin4 from there.

Please give feedback what worked for you.