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While the releases 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 contained just some minor fixes, this release has a rewritten handling of Bind RR slots, now using correct datatypes in all cases (at least for all RR, which are known to pythonDNS).

In Addition, catalog zones are implemented, which helps maintaining secondary servers a lot.


The V3.0.3 version contains minor fixes for DNS.

Release 3.0.2

A new release 3.0.2 has been bundled. Not too many changes are included, but important ones: support for latest BIND9 and PostgreSQL versions.

Version 3 is out!

Finally: Admin4 V3 is out!

V3 is implemented in Python3.7+, so it should work for quite a while on recent systems.

While development was homed on github for quite a while already, new releases won't be uploaded to sourceforge any more, and the old update infrastructure is defunct. Instead, releases are available at, and docker container may be easily pulled from dockerhub.

Upcoming Admin4 V3

For a long time, I've been ignoring how outdated the platform of Admin4 V2 was. With recent PostgreSQL versions, this gets very obvious, especially concerning the SSL library of Python 2.7. So I'm grabbing some time now to update Admin4 to Python 3 with the latest wxPython 4.1 version.

In addition, I'm planning to assign a decent LetsEncrypt certificate to this website, which will break the update mechanism of V2 (it relies on a pinned certificate). So if the update grumbles about problems reaching the update site, this is the reason.

PostgreSQL 12 support

So much to do, so little time...

While I have a lot of plans what I like to do, I have virtually no time to do so, and for my daily work, it is just "good enough", knowing how to deal with the quirks still not fixed. But having the PostgreSQL 12 release out now, there was no more waiting, so the mod_pg modules was updated and a minor Admin4 update is out now.


Long time no see...

It's been quite a while 'Ive been uploading new stuff, but admin4 isn't dead! I'm still having a lot of plans, but just no time to implement more than fixes.

The minor update brings modBind 0.98.7, which supports BIND 9.10 and (amongst others) CAA records. The builtin update function should bring it to you.


modPg 0.5.10

Just a minor bug fixed (Data Tool can sort DESCending now), and the table properties show reverse-engineered table SQL now. The generated SQL code isn't complete when it comes to all those exotic options, but the standard stuff is supported.


Yes, still on it!

I had some trouble with the site, after it had moved to a new system. I couldn't log in to make any changes, and I didn't have the time to fix this for a prolonged time since I was really busy. Now, I finally found the time to investigate this, and it turned out that drupal was missing the apache rewrite module. No helpful log messages around...

I'll be uploading some fixes soon, including PostgreSQL 9.6 support.

V2.2.2 released: another online update fix

Well, a good online update function is nice, if it's not working it's a PITA....

With versions older than 2.2.2, the update file download from sourceforge fails on Windows, because apparently it's redirected to https which makes the http download library check certificates. Unfortunately, the root certificate file isn't present when packaged for Windows, so this step fails with a weird error message.


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