Main Features

When started for the first time, no servers are registered so the server registration window will be opened automatically.

Register servers

Using the context menu on the "Registered Servers" window or the File/Register Server menu you can add your first server to Admin4.

The "Registered Servers" window can be snapped into the main window, and torn off again. The same applies to the "Object Browser" window. Using the View menu, the appearance of the main window can be further modified to your needs.

When an object in the object browser is selected, its properties are displayed in the "Object Details" window. More details can be selected on additional, object specific pages. For each individual object, a detail window may be shown detached (using the context menu on the object browser).

Finding objects

To locate an object in the browser tree, the Find Object function is available (menu edit->find or ^F). It will search for text fragments, separated by spaces. Some modules enhance the feature by not just locating the object in the object browser, but in the database and traversing the browser tree to display it. See the modules for extended find filter specifications.