For general usage, a prepackaged bundle of Admin4 together with its modules is recommended. They'll install all required dependencies as well.

  • Mac OSX (10.8+)
    These bundles can be obtained from the download area.
  • Windows
    Currently no bundles available. Source is prepared for py2exe bundling, the script probably works, I'm still lacking time and development environment under windows currently.
  • Sources
    are available zipped from the download area too.
  • Unixes
    have no bundles available yet. In addition to the sources, you'll need to install python 3.7 or higher and some required python modules as described in the installation instructions.
  • Docker image
    Images are pushed to Dockerhub. See this run script for running the container.

The latest sources are available from GitHub, if you prefer to have the bleeding-edge stuff. You should know what you're doing... If you want to contribute fixes or more, you're encouraged to go with GitHub and Eclipse/PyDev.