PostgreSQL 12 support

So much to do, so little time...

While I have a lot of plans what I like to do, I have virtually no time to do so, and for my daily work, it is just "good enough", knowing how to deal with the quirks still not fixed. But having the PostgreSQL 12 release out now, there was no more waiting, so the mod_pg modules was updated and a minor Admin4 update is out now.


Long time no see...

It's been quite a while 'Ive been uploading new stuff, but admin4 isn't dead! I'm still having a lot of plans, but just no time to implement more than fixes.

The minor update brings modBind 0.98.7, which supports BIND 9.10 and (amongst others) CAA records. The builtin update function should bring it to you.


modPg 0.5.10

Just a minor bug fixed (Data Tool can sort DESCending now), and the table properties show reverse-engineered table SQL now. The generated SQL code isn't complete when it comes to all those exotic options, but the standard stuff is supported.


Yes, still on it!

I had some trouble with the site, after it had moved to a new system. I couldn't log in to make any changes, and I didn't have the time to fix this for a prolonged time since I was really busy. Now, I finally found the time to investigate this, and it turned out that drupal was missing the apache rewrite module. No helpful log messages around...

I'll be uploading some fixes soon, including PostgreSQL 9.6 support.

V2.2.2 released: another online update fix

Well, a good online update function is nice, if it's not working it's a PITA....

With versions older than 2.2.2, the update file download from sourceforge fails on Windows, because apparently it's redirected to https which makes the http download library check certificates. Unfortunately, the root certificate file isn't present when packaged for Windows, so this step fails with a weird error message.

V2.2.1 released

After quite a long time, here's the update to Admin4. It fixes several annoying issues:

- The About Dialog on Windows is less ugly now
- Online update improved, restart should work now (finally...)

- improved connection statistics

- SQUAT support

V2.2.0 had the restart-after-update feature removed right before release. Unfortunately, that Admin4 version won't give feedback when the update has been successfully applied. Please press "Cancel" after a while, restart Admin4 and check if it has been updated correctly.

V2.2.0 including IMAP support released

The new Admin4 has a new module included: modImap.

If you're maintaining a Cyrus IMAP server, you probably aren't too excited about its cyradm command line tool to create and maintain mailboxes. The modImap module replaces most of its functionality, so you virtually never will have to go back to cyradm again. Creating/renaming/deleting and maintaining ACLs on mailboxes is covered, of course UTF-7 aware so you don't need to handle stranglely garbled mailbox names.

V2.1.9 released

A trivial but nasty bug that prevented Admin4 versions prior to 2.1.9 under Windows from downloading the update file correctly is fixed in this version. It went unnoticed for quite a while because I'm not an active Windows user, and consequently some WIndows related bugs could persist for a while. In any case and on any platform, your feedback is appreciated if you encounter some unwanted behaviour!

V2.1.8 released

This release includes enhancements to LDAP and PostgreSQL modules, as well as some fixes:

  • ldap: user entry creation is reworked for better uid/gid/rid generation
  • pgsql: sequence support, fix favourites
  • Core online update: minor fixes

V2.1.7 released

This release includes some minor but important fixes:

  • The LDAP module failed to create uid/gid/rid for new users under some circumstances, this should be fixed now.
  • The core's online update function had a broken sha check after downloading the file, erroneously rejecting it as corrupted.

Due to this update function error, you'll need to download the new version from SourceForge and install it manually.



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