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V2.1.6 released

The new V2.1.6 release has some minor updates that makes handling easier, like support for the F5 shortcut key.

The PostgreSQL module has been enriched with a logfile viewer, and can instrument and configure older servers starting with 8.1 now.

V2.1.5 released

The new 2.1.5 release of Admin4 now has an object find function, that lets you locate objects in the browser tree faster. The LDAP and PostgreSQL module enhance this feature, by not just scanning the tree, but searching the database and populating the object browser tree if necessary.

V2.1.4 released featuring the PostgreSQL module

Although the minor version steps seems to indicate this release to be just minor, this isn't completely true. The DNS and LDAP modules didn't gain more features, but the Admin4 core now has a cryptographically secured online update function.

V2.1.3 released

This fresh release features an update mechanism which lets you update/install single modules or the whole application without downloading the full package. While I'll continue to provide complete OS specific packages, you'll only have to download the source package and apply it via the update mechanism.

modBind has a fix which might prevent loading. modLdap has no additional changes, except for preparation for the update mechanism.

V2.1.2 released

This is a minor update which fixes connection problems in modLdap and manual registration in modBind.

More important, the documentation has been greatly enhanced.

First official Admin4 release: V2.1.1 prowdly presents:

Admin4 V2.1.1

This is the very first release, considered stable and usable, announced on freecode. modBind is V0.98, modLdap V0.95.



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